martes, 8 de enero de 2013


DOING PHOTOGRAPHY. Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies -DCAPS. Durham University, U.K.  Durham, 9-11 January 2013

The fourth international DCAPS conference took place in Durham in the month of January 2013 as part of the Photographic Situation project with colleagues in Toronto. Photographs have for long been central to discourses of human rights, humanitarian activism, pacifism, political mobilization, revolutionary struggle, social reform and warfare. Thanks to their intimate and necessary relationship to the material world – their ‘having-been-there’ quality – photographs bear tremendous emotional and affective power in these discursive contexts. Disseminated as they are across an evolving range of media, and spanning geographical distances, historical periods, and cultural and linguistic divides, photographs call on us to recognize our fellow human beings in moments of crisis and duress.

Daniel Hernández-Salazar participated with the presentation titled:  

Creating an Icon in Post-War Landscapes: An Angel Story.


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